Private Waste Collection

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Commercial and residential waste collection, including general and recyclable waste

If building waste is not collected regularly, it’s a health and safety issue. Besides the awful smells, rotting waste attracts insects and rodents that carry diseases. If they problem is serious enough, odours can go beyond common areas and penetrate living and working spaces.

Our waste collection services include:

•Consulting with you and examining your building to determine the best solution 
• No locked in contracts
•Commercial and residential waste collection, including general and recyclable waste.
Poor waste collection also lowers the perceived value of the properties for purchase or lease in residential and commercial properties. 

Given the importance of waste management, owners corporation and strata managers have duty to ensure that waste is effectively collected from the buildings they manage.  

Strata Shop Online - Private Waste Collection

The team at Strata Shop Online has 10 years’ experience working with in the strata industry. Our staff are members of the Strata Community of Australia. We have created a one-stop shop for strata and real estate professionals to get the products and services they need including waste collection services in one place. 
As suppliers of products and services to the strata industry, we understand what it takes to deliver reliable, clean and low-cost waste management services throughout Melbourne.
If your waste collection service is not meeting your expectations, we invite owners corporation and strata managers and committee members to get in touch to discuss how to implement reliable, clean and low-cost waste collection.

Melbourne Waste Collection Service

Contact us now to discuss your waste collection challenges and how we can help you solve them.
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