Common Area Cleaning Services

Have the standards of your current cleaning provider slipped over time?

 Don’t pay too much - now is the time to find a cheaper service which can save owners money.

Common area cleaning for buildings under strata and owners corporation management can be a challenge if you don’t have reliable and efficient cleaning service in place.   

Are your building’s common areas as clean as they should be?

Standards can slip over time as cleaners become complacent about the finer details of what needs to be done to maintain cleanliness and keep tenants and owners happy. 

Strata Shop Online provides tailored solutions to meet your common area cleaning requirements quickly and reliably.  
Before providing our services, we consult with you to develop a personalised work program which takes account your location and unique requirements. Detailed job specifications are provided to each cleaner in order to fulfil the program requirements. In addition, regular inspections are conducted to ensure the highest standards.

Strata Shop Online - Common Areas Cleaning Service Melbourne

Communications play an integral role in our ability to provide superior cleaning and maintenance services. We minimise any disruptions or inconvenience by responding in a timely manner.

The team at Strata Shop Online has over 10 years’ experience working with strata and owners corporation managers throughout Melbourne. 
Our managers are members of the Strata Community of Australia. 
We have created a one-stop shop for strata and real estate professionals to get the products and services they need including common area cleaning in one place. 
Our team of experienced owners corporation cleaners & caretakers have experience in working with Managers and Committees to deliver quality service.

Melbourne Common Areas Cleaning Services

Contact us now to to discuss common area cleaning services for buildings under owners corporations and strata management. 
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