Bin Cleaning Melbourne

Are smelly waste bins damaging the image and comfort of your building?

 Don’t pay too much - now is the time to find a cheaper service which can save owners money.

Dirty bins are a common source of odour in residential and commercial buildings. In addition to being unpleasant and harming the image or your building, odours attract pests that can spread disease. 

Regular Bin Cleaning Service

Bin cleaning is an essential part of building management. In addition to reliable waste collection, bins and collection areas need to be cleaned regularly to remove the residue of the rubbish left behind. This can include food, beverage and other residue that begins to rot and smell. Eventually, the smell can permeate throughout common building areas.
As strata and owner’s corporation specialists, we understand the importance of having clean and sanitary bins. Too often, this is overlooked by strata and owners corporation managers until it becomes serious problem that requires action. 

Bin Cleaning Melbourne

Strata Shop Online - Bin Cleaning Service Melbourne

Our reliable bin cleaning services ensure your bins are clean and odour free. 
We clean all types of bins found in commercial and residential building collection areas – including bins for apartment blocks and large skip bins for commercial buildings. Bin cleaning can be schedule on a regular basis – to prevent problems to begin with – or as a one-off service to clean smelly and unsightly bins that are decreasing the comfort and safety of your building. 

 The team at Strata Shop Online has over 10 years’ experience working with strata and owners corporation managers throughout Melbourne. Our managers are members of the Strata Community of Australia. We have created a one-stop shop for strata and real estate professionals to get the products and services they need – including waste bin cleaning – in one place.  
Bins can get especially smelly in the warmer months. Take preventative action in winter to prevent bins smelling over spring and summer.

Melbourne Regular Bin Cleaning Services

Contact us now to to discuss bin cleaning services for buildings under owners corporations and strata management. 
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